Monday, July 5, 2010

watch: the morgantown juggalo

O. M. G.

Morgantown peeps- Meet your God juggalo.

I honestly can't say anything else until you watch this girl yell at everyone who's ever talked smack.

[I recommend going well into the video for the funny parts. Like... 3:30 in. This girl is just going off about... well.. NOTHING.]

[YouTube actually pulled this video off.. Thank goodness for College Humor!]

She's real. A real person. Living in the amazing town of Morgantown, WV where I am proud to say I spent 4 years of my life.

Because she left me rather speechless, I'll rely on some tweets I got when I posted this video on Twitter over the weekend from my Ex-White Rapper BFF and a certain Texas ninja follower.

I hope her autograph is gotten. I want it. I also want to give her a hug. If you're reading this Morgantown Juggalo, please email me. Let's chat.


PS: If you're amazed like me, feel free to waste way too much time watching her other awesome videos such as her "Big Problems" series and "Fat to Fighter" series.

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