Tuesday, June 29, 2010

tunes on tuesday 062910

I missed last week! I know, I suck. Forgive me?!

All the new, good music before it hits the radio waves!

Eminem ft. Rihanna--> Love the Way You Lie

I think Eminem has got a bit dark for me. What happened to the funny Slim Shady?! It's a pretty song on Rihanna's part, but that's about it.

Neon Trees--> Animal

I can't remember if I posted this a couple weeks ago or not. Either way- I kinda dig it. Totally downloadable.

Auburn--> La La La

It's fun! It's not a GOOD song, but it's fun!

Ciara ft. Ludacris--> Ride

BABY MAKIN MUSIC! Holyyy molyyy. She's droppin' the gymnast word, too! Dee-zang.

Iyaz--> So Big

Kinda weird that it's a bit slower than normal for him I feel like, but it's not bad! Let it grow on me and I'll probably love it.

Flo Rida ft. David Guetta--> Club Can't Handle Me

Club banger! David Guetta is on his ish!

Daughtry--> September

It's no secret I'm a Daughtry fan. It's a pretty, slow song. It's a bit different than their other stuff! I enjoy.

Kris Allen ft. Pat Monahan--> The Truth

Eep. I also heart Kris Allen. You might not. It's not the most amazing song ever... but if you like Kris, you'll like this.

Lights Over Paris--> Turn Off The Lights

Meh. Not my style, but if you like the punky rockish music, you might enjoy!

Miranda Lambert--> Only Prettier

She's coming off her biggest single and the song they're saying could be the best of the year... She's gotta lot to live up to... And I don't think she did it with this one.

Darius Rucker--> Come Back Song

Jammin' country song... mainly because it's Darius. I heart.

That's all for now! Havin' some issues with my "system" even though I learned the Internet's best kept secret today!



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Anonymous said...

The girl in the turn off the lights video is hot!