Tuesday, June 29, 2010

britney is a fashion designer!

Ah, YES! Some GOOD B-Spears news!

She's not just the spokesperson/model for Candie's anymore! She's designed her own line!!

Check out some of the pics and videos:

She looks awesome. She looks happy, she looks pretty! Photoshop was probably involved, but who cares?! She already proved she'll show you the real her if you want to see it.

Her personality still seems a bit off, though. She's not giving us her all. Still- I can't complain. She's definitely put my mind at ease about her health and well-being. Thank goodness.

Keep it up, BritBrit! I'm rootin' for ya! I'll even wear some of those clothes! Some are totally cute! Two of my fave girls with clothes at Kohls! Holler!


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