Tuesday, June 1, 2010

tunes on tuesday 060110

You already know I've been gone forever, so let's just jump right in to this week's new music, shall we?!

Ne-Yo--> Beautiful Monster

I'm a huge Ne-Yo fan, but this isn't my favorite song he's ever done.. Not even close. It's okay, but I don't think I'll be blasting it anytime soon.

Auburn ft. Iyaz--> La La La

It's such a typical song, but I totally enjoy it. I'm jammin'.

H*Wood--> Could It Be You?

Ohh it's a guilty pleasure song. It's a bad song, but it's so, so good. I'm gonna be rockin' to it all summer.

T.I. ft. Keri Hilson--> Got Your Back

I can totally dig this song. I feel like it's actually not typical T.I., and maybe that's why I like it... or maybe it's the lyrics... or maybe Keri Hilson.

Jessie James--> Boys In The Summer

LOVE this song. I really like her in general, but I like that A) it's a summer song and B) it's a GIRL singing about BOYS in the summer. Heart.

Sia--> Clap Your Hands

What the EFF is this video?! Weeeeeird. I don't get the song at all, but I have a fear that this will be one of those big songs that I don't understand what's so great about it.

Usher--> Hey Daddy

I love Usher. 'Nuff said.

LeeAnn Rhymes--> Swingin'

A little random, I feel... But it's fun... I feel like it'll be a big line dance song or something.

Billy Currington--> Pretty Good At Drinkin' Beer

Another GREAT country drinking song. Hilarious. Love.

The Perry Band--> If I Die Song

What a pretty song/singer!! Ah. So cute.

Lady Antebellum--> Our Kind Of Love

If you haven't jumped on the Lady A train, you're a bit late, but not too late! They're good. This is no exception.

Good stuff, all around good stuff! Enjoy!


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