Thursday, June 24, 2010

nifty?: dirty undies hiding place

I understand the need to have a place in your luggage where you can keep things safe from whoever may decide to snoop through it...

What I don't understand is why you'd want that safe place to be dirty underwear.

Sear's is selling these "Brief Safes" that look like streaked up dirty undies so you can keep your belongings in them without someone wanting to go through it.

Sure, I think it'd probably work... But what if you were with someone you hearted, they didn't know, and saw you diggin through them... They probably won't say anything, but they'll still judge, and you'll be effed.

Also: I'm not one to rat people out, but don't ya think this is something all the druggies are going to catch onto and try all the time?!

I don't know... Maybe I'm crazy... Maybe this is a genius idea... But tell me if I'm wrong...

Yuck. Gross.


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