Monday, June 7, 2010

because you want to know: mtv movie awards

So the MTV Movie Awards were last night [duh] and it's time for me to tell you my thoughts... Because you care... Obviously.

I'll make it quick and simple.

What I hearted:
  • Tom Cruise becoming someone we can all like and think is great again. His Les Grossman character that was shown throughout the show was hilarious. It was also cute to see Katie smiling and loving it!
  • Speaking of him, his performance with J. Lo was great! I love seeing her back in action and looking hott, and it was funny!
  • The Kiss Cam. As lame as it was, I thought about it again and it was totally funny. It's a shame some people didn't play along, but Russell Brand and Jonah Hill made it all worth it in the end.
  • Sandra Bullock. Not that I wasn't a fan before, but I LOVE her now. I want to spend an entire weekend watching all of her movies. She's a class act. She addressed what's been said about her and said let's move on. Who cares if she got the award outta pity?! Either way- She deserved it.

What was not so heart-ful:
  • Twilight being the main focus again, duh. Annoying. There's no way you can say that's honestly the best movie of the year. And WHO CARES if R. Pattz and K. Stew didn't kiss?! It was LAME! Stop talking about it. [I know.. I just did. I fail.]
  • The Sandra/Scarlett kiss. I know, I know. I'm a hater or something. Whatever. I just didn't get it. Maybe there's something I'm missing, but that whole situation just confused the eff out of me.
  • The performances. Katy Perry and Snoop Dogg were rather awkward, and Christina Aguilera was no bueno. I think her time is up. There's no coming back. Plus- what was that heart on her cooch?!
  • Lindsay Lohan. Homegirl needs help. Just because she avoided sitting next to Dr. Drew doesn't mean someone shouldn't step in. It's scary what she looks like now!
Also worth mentioning because everyone loves them: Jersey Shore walked the red carpet. Why does Angelina still get to do everything?! UNFAIR! Also, can we all agree that Sammi is the hottest girl by far? And Vinny wins for the guys!

Alright, that is all! What did you like/dislike?! Was it worth your time!? Sound off below, of course!


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