Tuesday, April 20, 2010

watch: hanson is making a comeback

I'm still not really sure why Hanson became so huge, considering I can only remember "Mmm Bop" being a great song from them, but somehow they managed to stay on everyone's minds for more than a decade at this point.

Even though they're all grown [Isaac is almost 30, and Zac is 24], they've decided to stick together and release a new music video.

Behold Hanson's latest single, "Thinkin' About Somethin."

Weird Al in the video?! What?! I guess they're staying with their 90s image...

Is it bad to admit that I was bumpin' to the song? Woopsies.

I'm just glad that no one will say I look like Zac this time around. [At least, I hope not.] I used to get it every day way back when.

I don't see it.

Welcome back, Hanson.... Maybe. Probably not... But kinda.


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Anonymous said...

Hanson has been making music this whole time... it's not like they took a break or anything. They've been through the State Theater a couple times in the last few years & they've even been in studio with Elliot and the class. Taylor also does vocals for the band Tinted Windows.