Tuesday, April 20, 2010

rihanna is having an identity crisis

Rihanna is on tour in Europe right now and is putting on quite the show, it looks like.

Here were some of her outfits in the Netherlands this past weekend:

Seems like she's channeling her inner Lady Gaga, right?!

Maybe it's just a new trend. Maybe everyone is trying to go all weird and outrageous and unpredictable....

But knowing that Rihanna came on to the scene a completely different person, and seeing that she's taking a lot of looks of others' and putting them into her show, I'd say she's in a bit of an identity crisis or something.

Pink totally did this white duct tape looking suit first.

Is she trying to be in the Mickey Mouse Club? It's a little late...

Too bad we can't see more of what the design was that was lighting up... I'm sure it had to have some meaning... right?!

I'm not hating on her. I'm totally rooting for her. I just feel like she needs to start having her own image or something. Everything keeps changing and nothing ever seems "right."

Maybe I'm wrong, but let's be honest... The proof is there. Homegirl is trying to find herself and is having a little trouble with the creativity aspect.


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