Wednesday, April 14, 2010

watch: ellen on family feud

I'm pretty embarrassed that I've been failing on my keeping up with Ellen this season. If it counts for anything, it's totally my parents fault for not giving me cable in my room.

Anyway, I did a little catching up yesterday, and this is a must-share.

She was a topic on the Family Feud! I could show you just the clip from FF, but that'd be silly. The best part is Ellen's reaction... Reaction to the "WTF" moment that happened, of course.

What the H. Why would someone think she doesn't like this country?! She raises MILLIONS of money every year!

He must be some anti-gay or something... Who knows. Either way, homeboy's an idiot.

Pretty easy topic though, right?! I'd pass with flying colors. No X's!! You all probably would too!

Also share-able, for the simple fact that he's a beautiful being and I want him in my life, Shemar Moore.

For the record, Shemar- I don't mind that you're 30-10. I embrace it. I think you should contact me, ASAP. Kthanks.


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