Wednesday, April 14, 2010

nifty: the carstache

So yesterday= balls hanging from your tow hitch.

These days you're cool if you have a Carstache. Yes. A mustache for your car.

If you think it's stupid, first of all- you're stupid, second of all- check out the descriptions. I think you'll change your mind. Plus, they have all sorts of colors! Even a ginger one! I think my ginger ex-roommate should get it pronto.

"In its mighty bristles is a lifetime of experience. It speaks of far off lands, loves lost and won, and bequeaths your car with a sophistication far beyond its years."

"Strut your stuff! Hot Pink is irresistibly individual, turning your car into a total babe. You are fabulous. You are hot. You are SO HOT. Ride on, girlfriend."

"Your heat is intense. You are molten. You are liquid hot magma. You are the match, that lit the torch, that set the 'stache on fire. YOU ARE FIRESTACHE."

It's official. I'm convinced. The EB-mobile needs one of these pronto. I'm thinking hot pink would go fabulously with the royal blue.

The price is totally worth it, too! $39?! Shooottt. That's pocket change for this broke girl. [Okay, now I'm getting outta hand.....]

You're welcome for keeping you in touch with the latest car fashions. That's what I'm here for.


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