Friday, March 19, 2010

watch: a push up bra will get your man back

I must tell you that I've been uber stressed and busy this week, and it's totally been affecting my blogging motivation as you could probably tell. Since I don't handle stress well, this afternoon has been one full of near-verbal-murders of some people and handstands. [They help me calm down a bit]

Then I decided I just need something really funny to make me laugh out loud, so I sent out a tweet. Thank goodness my soon-to-be beauty blogger came to my rescue.

She showed me this epic video that came at the perfect time. Not only did I laugh out loud, but it fits right in with my last post of hot ghetto messes.

I shall not explain anything, I will just tell you to watch.

I have no idea if this lady is acting, all I know is that A) this is hilarious. B) She's officially hit every "hot ghetto mess" stereotype. C) You can watch a longer video of her finding her man in the park. D) She seems a bit bipolar in her other videos... Unless she is acting.

I also know that she's driving and video taping. You all give me SO much ish for doing such things and I just want to point out that I was never applying my lipstick, showing you my boobs, or yelling at people and almost crashing when doing so. I'm safe. :)

Now I shall try and get back into the swing of things before heading into the weekend. Yes. Weekend. And it's beautiful outside.


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