Monday, March 22, 2010

morning hangover 032110

Good morning, Happy Monday [blah] and Happy International Goof-off Day!! YES!

  • Because it's Monday and I'm already having a hard time gettin' a move on with my life, I figured I'd help all of us with some motivational posters before anything else.
  • True story about Real World: Back to New Orleans- Someone peed on someone else's toothbrush.
  • Today we shall learn about the "johnson."
  • For all you Lil Wayne and Office fans, here's a mash-up. Even people like me who don't really love either can love this.
  • How they know if the new Twilight is a good movie or not... In 5 seconds.
  • For all you boob guys out there- here are the biggest in the country.
  • What not to wear: the 13 ugliest shoes in the world.
  • A day in the life of a video game nerd.
  • I wanna try!
  • Vienna actually looks half good here... But I'm still half-hoping Jake falls for his Dancing partner.
  • Really, though?! Bathing suits with hoods?! I say no thanks.
  • WowWowWow
  • You'll never see Tyra put herself in an bad spot, but she doesn't mind knocking her models off the runway with huge pendulums.

  • This is pretty sweet... Especially if you like John Lennon.... Which everyone does.

  • The Asian commercial strikes again... Oh my word.

Alright... Time to kick this day into gear! Bring out the goofy in you! Let's sing Goofy Movie, shall we?! It always was my favorite soundtrack. [Not kidding.]


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