Thursday, March 18, 2010

nifty website: hot ghetto mess

First of all, if you have any smidgen of a thought that I might be racist, you're right.

...SYKE. False statement. I'm not at all. I'm actually 76% black on the inside, if you didn't know.

Anyway... It's been about a year since the ever so fabulous video that told us the best ghetto names ever, and now we have a website that is just as fabulous:

Why is it so great, you ask?! Well, if you couldn't tell by the clever name, it has pictures, videos, quotes, lyrics, celebrities.... All-things-hott, ghetto mess.

Here are just a few examples:

Man. Those are some HOTT pieces of ass, right?!

If they don't even peak your interest into wanting to check out this gold, we can't be friends.

[Also... the website is a little slow, at least for me. I assume it's just living up to its name, so appreciate it.]


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