Wednesday, March 10, 2010

watch: 4 year old asian dancer

Ellen has shown me a 4 year-old hip-hop dancer before and I was amazed, but this kid's even better.

First of all, he's Asian. Call me racist if you want, I know I'm not... All I'm sayin' is... Not every Asian has moves... Especially at the age of 4.

Not to mention he was battling people on Hollywood Boulevard.

WHAT?! Do you see him?! Before he goes he gives the look like "What the H do these people think they're doing?! They need to step aside. I'm gonna show them how to do this. Let's go!"

Obviously someone like him, Yiming Wang, can't squeeze by under Ellen's radar.

What a MACHINE! He's a mini Asian Michael Jackson! Wow. I think I shall hire him to reteach me how to dance. I wonder how much extra a translator will be...


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