Tuesday, March 9, 2010

the second big real world dc announcement

Alright, it's time to reveal my big news that totally gets you in on the action! [And finally relieves the pain down there that I gave you yesterday.]

Ya know that live chat we do every week right here on love, e?! Well, we're taking it to new levels this week!

I'm SUPER pumped to let you know that I'll be hosting it on MTV.com!!!!!! Eeeppp!

I wish I could show you my uber excitement right now. I guess you'll have to wait until Wednesday night, though! This chat is going to be bigger than ever, with tons of people to talk to about the show as it happens!

For those of you who loved it before, don't worry! It's going to be the same ol' chat that your girl EB hosts with @RealWorldDCNewz every week. Tons of polls, pictures, videos, proof and facts that I [along with Chris] learned while the clan was here in DC over the summer!
BONUS: I won't have to do all of the comment moderating, so I'll have more time to watch and chat!

For those of you who have no idea who the F I am, hello! I'm elizabethany! I'm one of the "RWDC gurus." No really. Catch up and find out why by clicking here. [I must warn you, there may be some SPOILER ALERTS throughout the chat.]

I'm going to have to post the exact link on here tomorrow afternoon, so stay tuned! It will be starting at the same time as always: 9:45pm EST. The only difference is I won't have unmoderated readers... BUT! I will have lots of help, so your comments will be sent through as you send them!

As for cast members joining us-- I've semi-confirmed two right now, but I want to double check before promising anything. They'll be revealed tomorrow afternoon as well!

Thanks so much for being patient and getting excited with me! I can't wait to talk to all of you tomorrow night during the new episode of The Real World: DC!!! Have your questions ready, because I'm excited to answer them!


PS: In case you were wondering, no... I don't work for or represent MTV... Unfortunately. They don't have a "No elizabethanys allowed" rule like others do though, so they're letting me come play for a night! Apparently they're getting their superfans engaged with everything more these days! Sweet!

PPS: For ALL the updates as they happen, follow me on Twitter! @luvelizabethany


Anonymous said...

That's it?

Woohoo for you...

Anonymous said...

And yet, MTV hates you so much... I don't understand why they will let you do this chat but they kick you out of the reunion?! Hmmmm

Well, in any case, this is uber exciting!!!! Yay for you!!!! :) :)

elizabethany said...

Apparently it's only Bunim Murray, the producers, who hate me!

MTV+elizabethany=LOVE! ;)

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Good for you. Take advantage of this opportunity. Maybe we'll see you on MTV if this goes well.