Thursday, March 25, 2010

on the racks: ke$ha does maxim

It's official. I'm Team Ke$ha. [In case you were wondering, I consider her to be in a battle with Lady Gaga for Princessette of Pop... Since we already have a queen and princess.]

Anyway... If you're not already on her side, I think you should look at her Maxim photoshoot.
Guys- I must warn you. A chub is 99% probable.

I think even I got a ..y'know.. after looking at them!

She's not the hottest thing you've ever seen, but she's got the swag.

Okay... Now I really sound like a boy. Not cute.

All I'm sayin' is... Lady Gaga ain't got nothin' on her. [Even though I totally think Ke$ha should always rock the star on her eye.] Agreed?


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