Friday, March 26, 2010

the real world dc: as we saw it, erika teaches how to be a prankster

Oh man. The second to last week of The Real World: DC! As much as I'm starting to get a little depressed, it's not slowing us down!

This week for our podcast, we talked to Erika! Though she wasn't on the episode, she was on The Sh!t They Shoulda Shown, and definitely seemed to add to the fun.

I wanted to find out all the pranks that went down that weren't shown, who was behind them all, and who was too much of a p-word to break the rules a little. She also helped to give us the Guide to Livin' It Up and Breakin' the Rules on The Real World.

Stay tuned! We have a big week coming up!

As always, like I said... Thank you. And... You're welcome. ;)


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