Wednesday, March 10, 2010

HOT or NOT?!: d-why's mr right now

This morning I did another edition of elizabethany's Local Limelight on my radio show!

I featured D-Why!, my friend from Morgantown, WV who is doin' the damn thing.

People tweeted me earlier today and told me what they thought, but now I want to know what you think! Is his song, "Mr. Right Now," HOT or NOT?!

Now, I want to do a little "survivor" thing... To keep up with the alliteration, we shall call it Local Limelight Legacy.

So... Last week's vs this week's. Who's hotter?! Who moves on?!

[Here's Eddies song to refresh your memory:]

Looking forward to doing this every week!

Again: If you think you have Local Limelight potential, contact me! Maybe you'll be hearing your song on the radio!


1 comment:

mike said...

eddie's song is whackkk