Wednesday, March 10, 2010

getting ready for tonight's chat

Yesterday I finally told you what I've been wanting to blurt out for the past two weeks: I'm hosting the weekly LIVE Real World DC chat on tonight at 9:45pm EST!

Some things you should know before the time comes:
  • Everything will go as normal. Chris and Lance will both be in the chat giving their thoughts on what they saw while the crew was in DC. Polls will happen. Pictures will be shared. Videos will be shown.
  • So far Josh and his band, Wicked Liquid, are confirmed to join us in the chat!!! I'm super pumped. Those boys are awesome and hilarious and deserve a lot more credit than they're given.
  • Callie is a maybe/probably for tonight! She's chatted with us before, and she knows tonight is going to be bigger and better! I think it depends on her schedule.
  • Andrew and a special someone will also be chatting!! Your favorites!
  • Like I said before, everyone is going to be moderated except for myself, Chris, Lance, and the cast. Please be patient if your comments aren't sent through the second you hit send. They will be sent ASAP. You will be heard.
  • We'll be debuting the latest RWDC MTV logo lookalikes!
  • The direct link won't be available until 7:30ish, but if you'd like to just go to after 7:30, it should be pretty easy to find.
  • EDIT!! Here's the link my dears!!! It's officially up, and we'll be live at 9:45!!!
Like I said before, I'm HELLA excited! I hope you all are too! If you have any poll ideas, feel free to send em through whenever!

Talk to you at 9:45!!!


PS: Like I said before, I still don't work for MTV. Unfortunately. This is just them realizing how awesome my videos, chats, and podcasts are, and wanting to share it with the world. [I may have paraphrased/changed how they said it a bit.......] And they're not the ones who kicked me out of the reunion. That would be BMP, the production company. MTV and OnSet Productions actually fought to have me stay. :) I LOVE MTV! ;)

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