Tuesday, March 23, 2010

awesome sculptures made of beer

While a lot of you are coming back from Spring Break, on Spring Break, or about to go on SB10, you're probably going to have piles of beer cans that will show up on Facebook for me to drool over. [The cheaper the beer, the more I drool... That only means you had a great time.]

Anyway... Now I shall make you jealous. While all you're doing is taking the picture of the messy pile, some people are doing something with those empty beers. They're making these awesome concoctions/sculptures:

What a perfect desk companion!

I would want nothing more than this and a shot glass for a souvenir.

Most uncomfortable outfit ever?! Most awesome, too.

Forget your Matchbox cars... This is an entire 1965 Mustang model out of beer cans. FTW!

The definition of man's best friend.

Better than any Legos sculpture...

A purse out of beer tabs... Duct tape is so yesterday.

If this isn't a great way to recycle, I don't know what is.

I know it's hard to look at these and wonder "why haven't I ever done such a thing?!" Trust me, I go through this every day.

"Strivers achieve what dreamers believe" is something Usher once said.


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