Tuesday, February 23, 2010

tunes on tuesday 022310

Welcome back, Tuesday! What do you have for us and our iPods today?!

Cascada--> Pyromania

They sure do know how to make songs that'll have you dancing, eh?! She's totally hott, too. Interesting video, I enjoy it all.

Ludacris ft. Nicki Minaj--> My Chick Bad

Mannn, I loved Luda until A) I saw him at the station today, sunglasses on, clearly acting "too cool" and B) I didn't like this song. Hmph. Luda-fail.

Taio Cruz--> Break Your Heart

How nice of homeboy to tell us he's probably going to break our hearts ahead of time, right?! He seems a little typical of the time right now, but probably because he's normally a songwriter and producer. Not bad, though.

Taylor Swift--> Today Was A Fairytale

Another T Swift song. She's not going anywhere. Hmph. Of course it's from the Valentine's Day movie I still haven't seen. Of course it's about a fairytale. Of course it's about falling in love in a dreamworld.

Apollo Drive--> Papercut

I enjoy their voice! A bit of a depressing song, but I like how it's all related to a papercut. I don't hate it, that's for sure.

Chris Brown--> Sing Like Me

Oh man. This is one of the songs on his album I skip when I'm listening to it. That's a shame. There are definitely way better songs. I'm sure listening to it on the radio will make me like it more, though.

Colbie Caillat--> I Never Told You

Ya know, I really like her. I didn't expect her to stick around, but I hoped she would, and though she's not making a million #1 hits, I like her songs! This is no exception. It's really pretty.

FeFe Dobson--> I Want You

I totally didn't expect her to look like that, but this is a really fun song! It's nothing crazy, amazingly good, but it's definitely enjoyable and singable.

Kim Sozzi--> Feel Your Love

Meh. My least favorite song so far today, I think...

Miranda Lambert--> The House That Built Me
I'm not used to hearing her sing such a slow, serious song! It's pretty but... Mmmm... Meh.

Jason Aldean--> Crazy Town
Jason Aldean= Love, I think. He's good. I enjoy him. I enjoy this. It's fun.

Brady Seals--> Been There, Drunk That
How can you not like an upbeat song about being ridiculously drunk?!

That's all for this week! Good picks though, if I do say so myself! Enjoy!


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