Friday, February 5, 2010

love, e archive: 10 things football fans shouldn't do

Many of you are fairly "new" to this site. AKA You've found out about it within the last few months.

Because of that, and because the Super Bowl is just two days away, I think it's important to look back on a significant post from this time last year..... [Click the link below to read more.]


It's SUPER BOWL WEEK!!! So how does love, elizabethany get prepared for such an event? Well, a football themed Top 10 Thursday, of course!!

In order to pick what I wanted to do, I thought of the 2 teams in the World Championship of football.... And it clicked. One of the teams [I'm not going to say which, but it should be pretty obvious] has really obnoxious fans. What makes them so obnoxious? A lot of things. Some of them being within the

10 Worst Things an NFL "Fan" Could Do or Be

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