Wednesday, February 24, 2010

HOTT or NOT?! eddie smotkin "abe lincoln"

As you should know by now, every Wednesday morning from 8-11am I host my own radio show with Party934! I play a lot of 90s music, talk about a lot of fun things, and keep it entertaining for everyone.

Today I started my "Local Limelight" segment. Each week I will play a song from a local artist and ask you to rate it!

My first subject: Eddie Smotkin. His song: "Abe Lincoln" The description: "Perfect for the soundtrack to your keg party."

You be the judge! If it's HOTT, maybe I'll play it again! Maybe I'll even turn this into a competition! It all depends on you.

Thanks for your input! Feel free to leave more feedback in the comments box below! I'd love it.


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