Wednesday, February 24, 2010

the real world dc: as we saw it, ty! finally!

Oh. Em. Gee! We have a SUPER-Bonus episode of the Real World DC: As We Saw It this week! We've already given you two, and now it's time to hear from the one guy we have yet to hear from: Ty Ruff.

Chris and I were both excited to call him, for different reasons, and I think it's because we knew it would be an entertaining chat.

That's exactly what it is. A lot less formal than usual, and a lot more laughs. Meet Ty. The real Ty. Ty the lover, not the fighter.

Ohh, Ty baby... You're silly. Thanks for chatting with us! I will now tell everyone to leave you alone and stop yelling at you.

Tomorrow is Thursday which means ANOTHER podcast! Woo boy! Join our chat tonight to help decide who we should talk to!

And oh BTW- We have a fan page now! If you love what we've done with RWDC, join!


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