Tuesday, January 5, 2010

watch: kfc is racist again

KFC either knows exactly what they're doing, or has some really dumb, racist [anti-basketball? ;)] people running the advertising department.

Their latest controversial commercial shows a guy in an awkward situation at a cricket game. Of course, by awkward situation, we mean the only white guy in the crowd.

What's the solution to the "problem?" KFC has the answer.

Wow... Uhhh.... They basically used their chicken as bait.

Even if it works... You got balls, KFC.



Another David said...
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Another David said...

ROFL! Was there ever a time when KFC wasn't racist?

It's interesting to me, though, that fried chicken has the reputation of being a "black" food. I was one of the few white kids growing up in PG County, and I ate fried chicken and corn bread all the time because it just tastes good; I never knew the stereotype until I went to Ohio for college. My Jewish fraternity's adviser described herself as "big, black, and proud" and used to make us a big fried chicken dinner about once a month. And we loved it. Because fried chicken is delicious no matter the color of your skin.