Wednesday, January 20, 2010

watch: the best of last night's idol 011910

If you've followed this blog since last year, you know I love American Idol recaps even more than I love Ellen recaps. In fact, once they're down to the voting out stage, expect tons of "Because you want to know: Last night's Idol" posts.

Let's kick this fabulous Simon-ending, Ellen-welcoming season, shall we?!

I think it's only fitting that we welcome it with last night's boob boxing Amy Lang. Yeah, I said it... Boob boxing.

I want her to be my friend. Now. I wonder if the boob boxing gets her things she wants?! Obviously it didn't get her Hollywood, but does it get her drinks? Wowzers. Those are big.

As for someone who was genuinely good and I am 100% rooting for to win it all is Miss Angela Martin. Idol super-fans like me will remember her.

It totally made me tear up. I mean... Wait... ebethany doesn't cry...

Tonight's another episode of auditions and as always, I can't wait. Ratings may be down, but I'm still glued to the TV/DVR.


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