Wednesday, January 20, 2010

listen: rihanna's redemption song for haiti

You've seen all of the messages, commercials, tweets, etc saying to text a certain number to donate money to Haiti. Some of you have done it, others probably don't want to "waste" your money.

Truth is: Haiti needs our help, and we are perfectly capable of giving it to them.

Instead of texting in and donating money and getting nothing out of it, why don't you download a song? This song, "Redemption Song," covered by Rihanna, was recorded so that all proceeds will go to Haiti.

It's beautiful. Why wouldn't you want to have it in your collection of music?! You might as well "splurge" on that $1.29 and listen to it whenever you want, and feel good about helping a lot of people in need.

Seriously... It'll make you smile, and it'll make a huge difference to someone else.

And that concludes my emotional public service announcement for the day... Carry on.


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