Tuesday, January 12, 2010

tunes on tuesday 011210

Tuesday= Time for new tunes! Let's do it!

Trina ft. Diddy and Keri Hilson--> Million Dollar Girl

Ms. Raunchy, Mr. Gotta-Be-Everywhere, and the talented singer on one song. I totally love the beat, I love Keri singing, and really... Trina isn't terrible in this song. Diddy is still annoying, but I can look past it.

Sugababes--> Wear My Kiss

I've put a lot of these girls' songs on TOT, but none have made it huge! It's a little disappointing, but I guess it's to be expected. They have good stuff, but nothing worthy of a breakout. [Of course I'll say this now, and then they'll become huge.]

Ray & Anita--> In Da Name Of Love

I'm so not into this whole fist pumping/techno music. Ugh.

Rihanna--> Rude Boy

I think it's about time I buy her latest album. I enjoy all of these songs. This is a little raunchy and I'm totally okay with every second of it.

Frankie J--> Crush

I have a musical crush on Frankie J. I've always liked his voice. This song isn't OMG SO GOOD, but it's definitely pretty and I enjoy it. It's cute!

50 Cent--> Do You Think About Me

50 Cent is meh to me, and so is this song. I feel like all of my local friends could do just as good of a song, and probably better.

Nathan ft. Flo Rida--> Caught Me Slippin'

I have no idea who Nathan is, but we all know Flo Rida. No surprise here: I like it.

Omarion--> Speedin'

Maybe I'm being a little repetitive, but if I like the person, I'm most likely going to like their song. I heart Omarion. 'Nuff said.

Ultimate--> Take Me There

The video totally annoys me because it takes forever to get going, it got my hopes up, and then I hated the song. Fail.

Lady Antebellum--> American Honey

They're really slowin' it down for this one, but I don't think they can do any wrong. I think they're here to stay, folks.

Brandon Rhyder--> Rock Angel

I honestly can't decide how I feel about this song. Sometimes I think I do, other times I don't. Hmmm...

Bridgette Tatum--> I Like My Cowboys Dirty
Minus her sounding like a man, I like the song. I wish someone more girly would have sang it.

Craig Morgan--> This Ain't Nothin
Hmm.. If you think Country music is typical, it's because of songs like these.

David Bradley--> Soak It Up
Cheesey, cute, catchy.... It works. :)

Martina McBride--> Wrong Baby Wrong
Another person who can do no wrong. Ha, no pun intended.

Rascal Flatts--> Unstoppable
It's very "Rascal Flatts." I love it, duh.

Whew! A LOT of new music today! I couldn't even include it all! Everyone's back from the drought! Wahoo!

Until next week!


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