Thursday, January 21, 2010

nifty: itrust iphone app

Ohhh.. Just what we've always wanted... A gadget to tell us if our significant other was snoopin' around in our stuff!

The iTrust iPod app will totally help you out! They made it so you can see exactly what they were trying to get into while you were making them dinner in the kitchen.

I LOVE it. It sucks because now I know I better not even think about trying to snoop around, but it's okay because I learned my lesson a very long time ago. When you snoop, you find things you don't want to see and you cry. And who wants to cry?! Not this girl.

It's a shame my phone isn't my iPod, because I would absolutely buy it and leave it laying around to see what my nosey mother would try to look at.

There really is an app for everything.


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