Thursday, January 21, 2010

i spy: a lexus through a wall

I had the one of the best mornings ever this morning, and it's not because I made a lot of money at work or something great happened to me... It's because I saw something that I always hear about, but never witness.

Someone hit the gas instead of the brakes, and ran right into Cue Club in Annandale.

PS: It was a Lexus. PPS: She was apparently backing into her spot, didn't stop, ran right over the curb, and took out the brick wall...... WHAT?!

I was at work a couple doors down when it happened, but my boss told me to forget about what I was doing and rush down to get some pictures. She asked me if I had my camera on me to get good ones.... Silly manager... I always have my camera!

How. Ridiculous. The driver was hiding out in the bar so no one would see them while all of the firefighters and everyone literally laughed. How could you not?!

Seriously... I read about these stories all the time, and Kane loves playing that sweet song when he hears these stories, but I never expected to see a car literally inside a building, inches away from playing a game of pool.

Congratulations, lady... You win awesomest person in my life this week.


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Anonymous said...

There was one in Manassas as well... in old town!!!