Friday, January 22, 2010

the real world dc: as we saw it, week 4!

Hello all!

I'm sorry we had to disappoint you last week with the lack of a new podcast, but there were some issues we had to try and overcome. Luckily, we made it happen this week!

As you know, Callie took quite the emotional beat down in last week's episode but managed to get through it with the help of not only her roommates at the time, but Twitter followers now! Then, she helped Andrew get his dream snuggle buddy for a week or two on this week's episode.

Basically, it made sense that we call her for our second episode of The Real World DC: As We Saw It. Plus... I owe her a major apology after this summer.

Listen to the channel below, and make sure to subscribe via iTunes! Also: There's a bonus podcast of our outtakes before we actually talked to the blonde bombshell.

Also: Thanks to all who emailed in! Keep the questions coming! They're definitely helpful and entertaining! Email--> RWDC.AsWeSawIt[at]gmail[dot]com!!


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