Thursday, January 21, 2010

morning hangover 012110

Good morning, dolls! Good news: TOMORROW marks the weekend! Even more exciting: It's National Cheese Day!!

  • Just in case you wanted to start your day with some math:
    (RAH)² (AH)³ + RO (MA + MAMA) + (GA)² + OOH(LA)² = Bad Romance
  • YES! My dream come true! VA might up the speed limits!
  • Also coming to VA: Legalized Mary Jane!
  • 7 classic movie moments that were totally improv... And I know none of them.
  • Also: Unlikely badasses in movies... #1 is my fave, even though I haven't seen it yet.
  • Sometimes sexting is better than the real thing. No really, it is.
  • The shirts everyone's going to be wanting: Pants on the Ground shirts.
  • Want to know when someone defriends you? There was an app for that, until Facebook banned it. Facebook FAIL.
  • Super stressed? Calm down, and try one of these easy steps to relax.
  • 15 questions that us females are itching to ask you on a first date, so why don't you just tell us and spare the awkwardness.
  • Think your man is on the down-low?! [AKA maybe wanting some guys on the side, too] Here are the signs to look for.
  • Also: Signs he might be an egomaniac... Though it should be easy to tell.
  • Tonight's the finale of the Jersey Shore... How well do you know your guido language?!
  • BONUS: Want to see pictures from the Jersey Shore kids being at McFadden's DC? Thank you, Metromix.
  • AND! According to JWoww's pictures, it wasn't a fun, let's-all-hang-out scene.
  • Instead of d-bags "photo-bombing," little kids are doing it...
  • I woulda said "Frail Blog" was wrong, until I saw this masterpiece:
  • Just because: How to write a passive aggressive note.
  • Also: Owl Pony in mid flight
  • What irony! A cat's spots look like a cat!
  • Meet Patches... The horse that rides around in a car.

  • Want the best man cave ever?! You have some competition:

  • This is freakin' awesome. Can someone please do it for DC?!

  • Hilarious: Pranking a TV church, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air style.

  • O...M....G. This kid thinks he's a rockstar.... But he's wearing Aero clothes! I almost just fell out of my chair when I saw this.

    Sidenote: I wish I knew what he was saying.

That's all for now! Talk to you later!


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