Wednesday, December 2, 2009

watch: lady gaga falls... twice.

This happened a couple days ago, but somehow I'm just stumbling upon it. For whatever reason, I haven't seen too much talk about it, so it's absolutely necessary to share.

I shared pictures from Lady Gaga's Monster Ball, which were totally scary to me, but now I shall share a video. A video that will make you laugh.

No more making fun of BritBrit for yelling the wrong city name or not dancing to her fullest potential. Not only does Gaga look completely wasted, she's not dancing well at all, and she falls... hard... TWICE.

Aye yi yi... This girl is headed for a trainwreck... And it's not going to be pretty.

I hope you wear padded buttocks, Lady.


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Anonymous said...

Atleast lady gaga is involved in everything on that stage. All britney spears does is does what her writers/directors/chore team/ etc. tell her to do. he couldn't do anything without them. Lady GaGa can. She may have fallen but she wears like 8" heels and has fallen twice in 4 shows now? I'd like to see britney do that.