Tuesday, December 8, 2009

things that were cool in the early 00s

I love looking back on one year, so to be able to look back on an entire decade as December is upon us is a freakin' blast.

I still have one question, though: What the heck do we call this decade? The 00's? The Y2K?! I just don't know! Please enlighten me if you have any idea.

Anyway, Buzzfeed came up with this super fab list of things that used to be popular when this fantastic decade began, but aren't so much anymore. Buzzfeed is amazing, and this list is nothing short of that.

  1. Anthrax
  2. DeadJournal
  3. AIM Subprofiles
    I was the QUEEN of Subprofiles, for sure! Except I called mine the Subby, because obviously I was too cool for "Subprofile"
  4. Kazaa
  5. Jason Biggs
  6. Ja Rule

    I miss this man so much... Where the heck has he been?! Come bacckkkk Ja Rule!
  7. Bandanas
  8. Darrin's Dance Grooves
  9. Jeans with flames on them
    For the record, these were never okay.
  10. TRL
  11. Trucker hats
  12. Frosted tips
    My suddenly ballin' BFF totally rocked these HARD, and I sweated every second of it.
  13. Hanging a flag outside your house
  14. Boy bands

  15. Old Navy Performance Fleece

  16. Fred Durst
  17. Pepsi Twist
  18. Rubber bracelets
  19. CD ads on TV
  20. VW Beetles
  21. Nelly
  22. Dogpile, AltaVista, etc
  23. "Bling-bling"
  24. "The Weakest Link" lady
  25. Chatrooms
  26. The Dell Guy
  27. Ties
  28. Metrosexual
  29. Being Closeted
  30. Lindsay Lohan's acting career
  31. Trading Spaces
  32. The Osbournes
  33. SARS
  34. Tom Green
  35. Showing your roots
  36. State shirts
  37. Shell necklaces
  38. Nick Lachey
  39. CD Walkmen
  40. Parachute pants

A great, great list. I wish I could add more, but I'm just not sure I can. I'll have to look through some old pictures and magazines first.

Speaking of which, YM Magazine should be included. RIP YM. I haven't seen you in years.


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