Monday, December 7, 2009

the london olympics are dirty

Oohh, the creators of the 2012 Olympics graphic are so dirty.

Okay wait... I guess that doesn't look so bad, does it?! Maybe it is the people that watch the Simpsons, and try to find a little dirty in everything that are the raunchy ones.

If you change up the colors a little bit, add a little razzle-dazzle here and there, you might see a little somethin' else in the logo.

Does your imagination get it? A lot of people are lovin' the fact that it's basically Lisa Simpson giving her brother Bart a blowie.

Hilarious. People find the most random things in shapes, and I love every second of it. Thank you, Mr. Dirty Mind.


PS: Remember Atlanta's mascot, Izzy?! I wonder when they'll bring back the popular mascots. Maybe the Simpson's should be it this year, eh?! Who cares if they already exist.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Eh, it's the winter olympics... It's supposed to suck on so many levels.