Monday, November 9, 2009

watch: taylor swift on snl

In case you were hiding in a cave for the past week, Taylor Swift hosted SNL this past weekend.

I don't think any of her performances really changed how I feel about her... A little dull, trying too hard, ya know.

Her monologue started out really stupid, then made me chuckle once or twice, but that's our little secret.

Nothing over the top funny, that's for sure.

What did catch my eye was when she played Kate Gosselin on The View. Everyone looked pretty dead-on, and it was relatively funny.

Whyyyy am I so sick of J&K yet I'm always mentioning them?! It's a terrible cycle! Help! Someone get us all out of it!

Anyway... Good job, Taylor... And your exploding hedgehog haircut imitation.
It's a shame Kanye wasn't really there to interrupt. It would have been classic.


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