Monday, November 9, 2009

nifty: water drop shower

I don't care what I've ever said before, this thing I shall share with you now trumps anything that I've ever wanted. [Well... Maybe minus one thing.]

As soon as I become rich and famous one day, this is the first thing I shall buy for my house... The Waterdrop Shower.

Right now you're probably thinking it's not that cool; It just looks like a water drop.


On the inside it features a 360 degree touch screen, the size of the shower.

What does that touch screen do? Controls the temperature and intensity of the water, music you may want to play, and oh yea... Videos and movies... In 3D.

Stop it. This can't be real. I'm living a dream and imagining this is something that exists, right?!

You can watch a movie, in the shower... Any movie. Can you just imagine the possibilities right now?!

Just in case I never become rich... Ummm... Do some of you want to pitch in on one and we'll all share?! I'm good at sharing sometimes...

Genius. So genius. I wish Santa was rich.


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