Wednesday, November 18, 2009

watch: sidney the pet otter

Alright... I think I'm going to trade in Slutty Cat and my title of being "Crazy Cat Lady" and become "Crazy Otter Lady."

I never knew having an otter as a pet would be possible, but apparently it is! [Once one person does it, no matter what the circumstances, it's totally okay for everyone to follow suit, duh!]

Meet Sidney. She's a baby otter who's house trained.

It acts just like a cat or a dog! How GREAT is it?! O-M-G I want one right now! It's little face is precious!

Too bad when I showed my parents this video my dad just said "we're NOT getting an otter!"
...He know my mom and I way too well... We'll get any animal that we think is cute.

Good thing I can count on my trusty Mommom to want one! She loves otters! I shall call her right now.


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