Tuesday, November 24, 2009

tunes on tuesday 112409

WAHOO for Tuesday! Time to get some new songs! LOTS of videos today! [Thanks to The Hype Factor!]

Toni Braxton ft. Trey Songz--> So Yesterday

I. Love. It. Maybe I love it because I love that it's Toni Braxton AND Trey Songz, but it's a really pretty song. It reminds me of the old stuff. The good stuff. Ah. Obsessed. And so what if Trey's voice is higher than Toni's?!

Janet Jackson--> Make Me

Love this too! It's very genuine of Janet, don't ya think?! Greatness.

Jennifer Paige ft. Nick Carter--> Beautiful Lie

Hmmm... I can't decide how I feel about this song. It's not bad, but it's not living up to the past couple I just posted, for obvious reasons. It feels like a day of comebacks though, doesn't it?!

Chris Brown--> Crawl

Diggin' this video, big time! It just works. He definitely made sure to squeeze in that dance number, too.

Michael Buble--> Haven't Met You Yet

Michael Buble is good. He's refreshing. I enjoy, in a chill kind of way.

Shakira ft. Kid Cudi--> Did It Again

Ohh I can totally get down to this! I enjoy! Is it bad I wish Britney would have done it, though?!

Aaron Carter ft. Flo Rida--> Dance With Me

Another name we haven't heard from in a while, and another Carter brother! He's gotta make some money for all the back taxes he owes! Flo Rida makes any song good... I don't care what you say, it's true.

Adam Lambert--> Whataya Want From Me

Here we go.. Someone new. He's totally been American Idolized, don't ya think?! Maybe he likes this music, but it's not what I saw him creating.

Country Music:

Clay Walker--> She Won't Be Lonely Long
Meh, it's okay. Typical, really.

Steve Helms Band--> Between You and Me
I like this song, I think. It's slow, but it's pretty.

Darius Rucker--> Candy Cane Christmas
I'm anti-Christmas-music-before-Thanksgiving, but it's Darius Rucker, so anything is allowed.

Love and Theft--> Dancing In Circles
I heart these people. This isn't as great as "Runaway" in my mind, but I do like it. The violin adds a nice touch.

Zac Brown Band--> Highway 20 Ride
Must be a slow song d

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