Monday, November 2, 2009

morning hangover 110209

Holy wow! Can you believe it's NOVEMBER already?!

I hope everyone had a fantabulous Halloween weekend and you got plenty of extra sleep! Now let's get the week started!

  • 13 tips for the ladies straight from a magazine in the 1930's.
  • Uber random: Celebrities that were likely separated at birth.
  • You know plenty of people get arrested on Halloween. Now imagine their mugshots.
  • Don't try to be funny and rap your order at McDonald's. You'll be in big trouble.
  • If you have big tata's and order your bras online, you might get an extra present inside.
  • Okay.. Now Jon Gosselin is just out of control.
  • Yay for Dakota Fanning being a normal person, high school cheerleader and Homecoming Queen.
  • The new fashion: Looking like a deer.
  • Get on your knees and let me sit on you. Shut up. Do it.
  • Even deer need their exercise, I guess... Even if it's in a swimming pool.

  • The Slutty Halloween Costume Song... So good, so true.

  • Even zombies do the "Single Ladies."

  • Can you imagine seeing this?! It's like a demolition derby in a parking lot!

Enjoy wasting some time today!


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