Thursday, October 29, 2009

watch: inside the real world dc house

This video makes me super excited, and have the urge to punch a wall.

There was a media day at the Real World DC house a couple weeks ago that I did know about beforehand, but was not invited to. [Why? Beats me. Last time I checked I've been reporting on all of this stuff since day one, haven't I?! Oh well.]

Reporters got to go inside the house, interview to the roommates, take pictures, take video... Everything. Ugh.

But, I can't complain. At least my Washington Post friend Dan Zak put together this fabulous video of what it's like when you walk in the front door of the TV set at 2000 S Street.

They're hilarious. Andrew and Ty-- too funny. I wish I could have seen the hot tub, or maybe a little more in general, but the house is so Real World and so DC, and it makes me smile.

Thank you, Dan, for once again putting together a fantastic Real World piece.
Thanks for nothing people who didn't invite me.


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