Thursday, October 29, 2009

totally fun: oriental trading's monster mash-up

I love these things!

It's totally random, a complete time waster, and not that hard to do... Yet I laugh so freakin' hard at the end result.

This one is Oriental Trading's Monster Mash-Up.

All you do is upload some pictures and assign them to some bodies, pick a scene, and watch as your people act it out.

Here are a couple screen shots of the one I just did. I used all of the love, elizabethany regular appearances, so you should recognize most, if not all of these people.

I wish I could download it! I'm so mad! But, if you want to see it in its entire hilarity, click here. Then make your own.

Only 2 more days!!!


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Online Printing said...

Haha~ just in time for the Halloween, huh? The heads look so ridiculously funny! :D