Tuesday, October 20, 2009

watch: larry goes to the market

I posted this video of the drunkest guy EVER in public on Morning Hangover the other day, but for someone who's ADD like me... It needed some serious editing to keep me watching the whole thing.

That's just what someone did. They edited it into a 2.5 minute masterpiece that will keep you watching and laughing.

Make it silent, add some piano music and old-school captions to tell the story and you got yourself a video anyone can watch over and over again.

Yes, this is real surveillance from a store. That guy is real. They let him run around the store... or... Try and do sit-ups around the store, I guess... for over 10 minutes.

I can't even imagine ever being that drunk. And alone?! Aye yi yi. No bueno, kids.

Bueno para el entretenimiento, though.
[Did I just speak spanish on here? Oh boy. Someone help.]


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