Monday, October 19, 2009

sexy halloween costumes... for guys?!

A college girl's favorite search on Google right now is "sexy Halloween costumes." It's a fact. I don't know who has proven it, but it's a true statement.

Anyway... It's something we expect. College girls to run around in costumes that don't mean a thing and required no effort or creativity besides maybe trying to lose a few pounds.

Did you know there are tons of sexy costumes for guys, too?! I don't mean a good, thought out, sexy man in uniform... I mean showing some skin, the goods, etc. Most of them even have a matching version for the female. [Not that any girl would find it sexy for a guy to match another girl, though...]

I..... I'm speechless almost. Is this real?! Are these models real?!

I can't decide if it's the model or the actual costume that makes me drop by jaw is disgust, but either way... Every single one of these guys and their costumes might as well come with a really big D-BAG or TOOL temporary tattoo to be placed on the forehead. I'm sure any moron who would buy these would fall for it.

Like... WHAT?!?!? These are even worse than STRIPPER costumes and guys are going to go out "trick or treating" in them?! Oh my word, Lord please help whoever actually does so.

Yeah... I can't even say anything else. I can't take it. These are nuts.

Boys- You wear these as a grown man, and you might as well commit suicide. [Although I imagine most Jersey Halloween parties come with plenty of these guys in the crowd.]


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