Monday, October 19, 2009

watch: 13 year old giant

**NOTE: I have officially decided to let my brother write on my blog in order to bring in some more posts, especially geared to our sports lovers! :) I think y'all are going to love him, but if you don't, you better not hate! No one can hate on my brother unless you're ME! [Although.. It could be a little entertaining, so leave comments for him! Any kind!]

So here he is with his first official post on love, elizabethany. He has his own section that can be reached at the top of the page called "4 the Win" so make sure to check it out. There are a couple posts there that didn't get posted on here this past weekend.

I introduce to you.... Mikey P-->**

Alright, I’m 18 years old and stand at a seemingly tall 6’1/ 6’2. My entire family is amazed by how I’m “so tall” and I “never stop growing”. But hold on a minute…

Andrew Wiggins, a young man aspiring to someday play in the NBA, stands a towering 6’6...and is only 13 years old! Yeah, 13! I mean, come on people, could this be true?

Take a look for yourselves.

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