Tuesday, October 13, 2009

watch eTV: finding the real world dc cast episode 14

The end of an era, my friends. The final normal episode of elizabethanyTV's Finding the Real World DC Cast is here!! [I say normal because I still have more installments of different sorts to be posted!]

Love, hate, watch, retweet! ;)

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PS: I'm in a rush at the moment, I will type more later, but I wanted to get this posted ;)


Anonymous said...

why would you hold info back to begin with? and then when its all wrapped STILL hold even more info back until I can see it on tv defeating the point of what you do. You must have signed a release form, thus not being upfront with your relationship with rwdc. I hope if you follow your career accordingly you don't follow the same unprofessionalism. I wouldn't watch the news or listen to the radio from someone who put it out there that they hold back news pretaining to the field they work in.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! They're gone?!? Does this mean you'll actually have to get a LIFE now???

elizabethany said...

Dear Anonymous #1--

When in this episode did I say I was holding back anything?! I held nothing back. I've shared 95% of what I know with you all, and the stuff I haven't is really pretty irrelevant.

I normally keep my mouth shut, but don't call me unprofessional when I keep a couple sources and their facts confidential like they asked me to.

If you're interested in knowing everything, you'll stay tuned... Period.

Anonymous said...

Beth (because that's your name, not the ridiculous moniker you've given yourself) -

Why address Anonymous #1 and not Anonymous #2? Is it because A2 has a very valid point that you'd rather not acknowledge? Now that's professional... Just ignore the harsh but true and maybe they'll go away...

You are really, really pathetic. There's a reason you're a freaking waitress.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but I can't stand to see these haters come at you like this. They have no idea just how cool and nice of a person you are. Excuse the haters.. and do YOU

Anonymous said...

I respect the fact that have you sources. Every reporter of any sort of news has to. When I watch or listen to a news source I don't hear anyone talk about, "the stuff she should have shown." I think if you had been more along the lines of " I can't release the info due to confidentiality agreements until closer to airing", I would 100% understand. You could be sued by MTV if the info is like that. Kaitlyn from Brooklyn when if first aired on her live journal said something similar.
I understand why you had to put it out there you know more than you've shown; you don't want people to stop watching. I wish you wouldn't express in a mannerism which I personally feel is unprofessional(I look at you as a professional who reports what i'm interested in).
I'm not the one saying you don't have a life. I think you reported well and accurate for the most part on a subject you wanted to. I hope this coverage on rwdc helps you further your career.
If you want to take this as hate thats fine; I hope you take a second just to think about my opinion objectively.
On a side note; I LOVE everything you do on this website; it keeps me very wildly entertained. So please keep doing what you do.


elizabethany said...

OOOHHH!! There's a bit of a misunderstanding then.

When I say "the s#!t she should have shown," I don't mean information that I didn't leak already. I've posted every bit of the "good" footage that I've gotten. Information will slowly leak out in text form...

The videos I have coming up are the funny and random and sidenote things that happened on these adventures that didn't fit into the general theme of the episode or whatever. Yes, I'm trying to keep people watching.. Why wouldn't I? But at the same time, I want to show the even more fun side of it all, beyond the pressure of getting what everyone wanted most.

I thank you for trusting me and checking out this website. I couldn't be more grateful for the attention I've gotten from all of this, both good and bad. I put a lot of time into it but it was an absolute blast and I can't wait to watch it with you all and share the REALITY that I saw compared to what the show gives.

I'm sorry if I was angry last night... Sometimes it all comes down a little hard and misunderstandings happen. :)

I guess I should address everyone now, right A3?

A2: Yes, I will have to get a different life... For now. Thanks for asking.

A3: I'm a waitress because I do all of this for everyone for free so that advertisements don't clutter my website. I literally make about 50 cents a day for over 8 hours of work, and I'm 100% okay with that... But something needs to pay the bills. Thanks for reading!

A4: I love u, and I even said it over Twitter. :-P Thank you!

Like I said, I appreciate all of you. You're reading my blog and that's all I ask for!

elizabethany ;)

wags02 said...

To the anonymous person who called you pathetic.
Dude she takes the time to entertain people. If you were not interested then why the heck are you on here hating on her page. So obviously this page interested you enough to get on here. So therefore you are pretty pathetic man. Beth I think your real world episodes were pretty entertaining and you have done a great job on here. Keep up the hard work.