Tuesday, October 13, 2009

tunes on tuesday 101309

Today marks the 1 year anniversary for Tunes on Tuesday!!! How exciting, right?!? I guess I better make it a good one!

Usher--> Papers

Apparently he has a new album "Raymond vs. Raymond" in the beginning of December! I think he's back, my friends! Well, he never really left... But I fully enjoy it. Lovelovelove.

Jay Sean ft. Sean Paul and Lil Jon--> Do You Remember?

This guy is like straight out of a boy band, and I love it. Interesting mix with Sean Paul and Lil Jon, but I can imagine this being huge, especially with the teen girls.

T-Pain--> Take Your Shirt Off

It's hard for me to comprehend that it's a song with ONLY T-Pain. He's a beast, though... Anything he does is good.

Jada--> Break-up Song

I posted a song called "American Cowboy" by them a couple months ago and I liked it. This isn't bad, either. It reminds me of a song from a couple years ago but I can't put my finger on it... Maybe old-school Pussycat Dolls or something.

Asher Roth ft. Keri Hilson--> She Don't Want a Man

I'll be honest.. I thought we'd forget about him after the college song. Now he's making music with Keri Hilson?! He's not the most talented out there, but he has catchy songs.

Mya ft. Bun B--> Show Me Somethin'

First of all, homegirl is lookin' HOTT! The break she took did her good! She sounds good, too, and I'm totally diggin' the song! Downloaded!

TI--> Hell of a Life

Have I already posted the song? I don't think I have.... For some reason I like TI... This song isn't OMG AMAZING, but it's definitely worth your time.

Michael Jackson--> This Is It

The King is gone, but his music lives on! His first released single [I'm sure there will be plenty] since his death... It's very We Are The World, I feel. The lyrics are awesome. Because it's MJ, you have to get it.

Alicia Keys--> Doesn't Mean Anything

Wow, I feel like she's been gone for a while... But, like many people this week, she's back! I love her and her voice.

Jason Castro--> Let's Just Fall In Love Again

Remember him from Idol?!? I loved him! I was wondering and hoping he'd do something, and this just might be it! Either I'm in a good music mood, or all of these songs are fabulous today.

Mariah Carey--> I Want to Know What Love Is

She redid this song originally by Foreigner, and I actually like it! It sounds a little fake, but maybe it'll sound better off of YouTube, yeah?!

Uncle Kracker--> Smile

Wait... WHAT?! Uncle Kracker is still around?!? I feel like this is the kind of song I will play over and over again just so I can sing along... Hmmm. Uh oh.

Leighton Meester ft. Robin Thicke--> Somebody to Love

A lot of people are going nuts over this song saying it's amazing. I'm on the fence. I don't think it's GREAT, but I'll get down to it.

Alright that's going to do it! Enjoy your new playlist!



Anonymous said...

Jada is amazing, buy their new single breakup song on itunes <333

Melon said...

JADA is the best!!! they have great musical talent and are so diverse its amazing how their music sounds!