Friday, October 2, 2009

slutty cat update: the babes are 3 weeks old!

I wish I could do a Slutty Cat update every day, but obviously I just haven't had the time.

The babes are 3.5 weeks old now, can you believe it?! I definitely can not. They had their first doctor's appointment this week and they are super healthy and so is JoJo!

One of the kittens, who we call Pandy because she used to look like a panda, is starting to look just like her mama. She's acting like her, too. She still can't walk too well, and she has the most precious lazy eye, [she's the one my dad called defected, if you remember...] and she's scared of just about everything.

Slutty Cat used to be afraid of everything, too. She still is afraid of a lot of things, but I guess all her boyfriends taught her how to be a little tough. As long as they didn't teach her by doing something mean, I'm all about it.

Shnooky, or "Shnooks", is quite the rambunctious little guy. He's already learned how to climb right out of their box and walk around the floor. One night I found him stuck behind the TV and when I tried to catch him, he hissed at me. I still haven't figured out why they do this. They should know I find them way too precious to ever be afraid.

The best part about Shnooks is that when I come home and say "hey babies!" he comes right out of the box and follows me around a bit. Imagine a tiny 3 week old kitten following you around... It's amazing.

The two of them are playing constantly, and they're starting to mess with their mama too. I keep telling them to pick on someone their own size, but they don't listen. They'll even jump on JoJo when she's sleeping like "Mommmm.. Get uppppp... We wanna play!"

Besides all of that, they're basically just good at being the most adorable things to ever exist in my life, and JoJo has still been a great mom. She's been trying to get out and see Baby Daddy, but that's not allowed. I don't want anymore grandbabies... Yet. [Okay, okay... I don't want them ever again... I can't become the crazy cat lady.]

As for Baby Daddy- I haven't seen him in a while. I guess he got the hint that I don't like him until he pays up. I also haven't found the Maury cat. I did find some sweet Maury merchandise that I wish they had for cats, though.

Now I'll let the pictures do the talking. All 3 of them are incredibly photogenic. They've realized that Grandma and Great Grandma love pictures, so whenever they're doing something and I have the camera, they stop, look at it, then keep going once the picture is taken.

Bonding with Great Grandma

Meeting Uncle Mikey for the first time

Hangin' out with Uncle Robel, who may become "Daddy"

Gah. Now I will go play with them because I just can't stop. Hopefully you've fallen in love just as much by now.



tara said...

everytime i see new pics my heart melts. they are soooooooooooooooo adorable i cant stand it!

KOKONUT said...

these kittens.

are the most adorable things.

i have seen in my entire life!!!!