Friday, October 2, 2009

watch: surprise dance before the garter removal

I got an email the other day from someone suggesting I watch this video. Apparently they went to their friend's wedding and right before the groom went to remove the garter, he had a surprise for his new wife.

It's a pretty hilarious video and you need to watch it now because it sort of has a personal connection. Someone who reads this blog was totally there, which basically means we all were there... Right? Maybe?

First of all- White boy can dance!!
Second- They obviously planned this whole thing out and practiced quite a bit which made the "show" PERFECT!!!
Third- Whatever guy I find that is willing to put up with me for his whole life, I hope that he does something hilarious like this at our wedding. I won't even care if he takes the spotlight away from me for a while, it will be amazing.

Thank you, Mattea for sending me the link to this video!
To the groom: You're amazing and I think you should start crashing some weddings.
To the bride: You're one lucky lady and I'm a little jealous! :-P Hopefully you liked it as much as we all did!


PS: If you ever have something you think I should check out, DEFINITELY send it my way! Contact info can be found here!

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Kelly said...

I was there and it was absolutely FANTASTIC!! Love you Ash and Scooter, this rocks!!! :D