Monday, October 26, 2009

nifty: sweetest bathtubs ever

Taking a bath is pretty great, but not when you have an ordinary, small bathtub that you can barely fit in. It pretty much defeats the whole purpose of relaxation.

Before today, I thought an average jacuzzi was all I really desired in my future home. Now I've seen these bathtubs, which are probably the coolest in the whole world, and I have yet another thing I want to have in my house when I become rich. [Which will probably won't happen until I'm 98 years old...]

Made of gold?! Oh, okay!

Not only can you see-through it, but it has settings to make you energized, or relaxed.. Whatever you want.

I've always loved pretty colors.

Oh so stylish!

Imagine this in a nice cottage... So neat!

Why not have a couple HD TVs attached?! It's also got some gold and crystals in it.

For the "artsy" type... Even though it reminds me of a bong.

A sparkly high-heel!

Did you know bathtubs are on walls now? It goes from shower to tub in no time flat.

Stylish, wood, pearls. It's like taking a bath inside a nutshell.

A chaise lounge turned into a bathtub, equipped with waterfall.

IN-GROUND bathtub?! Does this not look like the most relaxing thing you've ever seen?!

Now I want to go take a bath, even in my small tub. Too bad I don't have Mr. Bubbles.


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